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Luxury Vinyl Plank in New Jersey

Wood-Tek Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The Use of Luxury Vinyl Plank Luxury Vinyl Plank becomes the most popular flooring option in homes today — it’s a type of flooring can simulate the appearance of hardwood, but comes with several benefits that make it preferable to different types of property owners: Multifamily Properti

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Home Owner News


The best flooring type for your unique home

New Jersey is full of a variety of residential dwellings that cater to the individual needs of those living in them. New Jersey is a densely populated state. Here is an information on New Jersey’s Census information between 2011-2015.  Whether you are single or you have a large family, there’s

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Flooring Medallions

Flooring Medallions – Customize Your Flooring

You’re choosing new wood flooring for your home. You want it to be unique, something that will make it stand out. What about an inlaid wood accent feature? You’re probably wondering if that is even possible. A centerpiece of flooring design, flooring medallions can give you that high end, artist

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Installation Tips

Subfloor vs Underlayment

Subfloor vs Underlayment

Subfloor vs Underlayment – Know the Difference While they are two separate and different products, there tends to be some confusion with subfloor vs underlayment. Both serve an important purpose when it comes to laying down new flooring. Knowing the difference and why they are important is ben

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Buying Guidance

Picking a Type of Flooring

How Picking a Type of Flooring is Like Picking a Movie to Watch

Remodeling your home and picking a type of flooring can be challenging. There are countless choices to be made, and each of those choices has positives and negatives. So how are you supposed to pick? One good way to choose a new floor is to make the decision like you’re trying to pick a movie. Th

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Flooring Technologies

flooring software

Flooring Specific Software Upgrades in 2016

This year’s surfaces will host a broad range of software companies launching and demonstrating the latest in cloud-based computing, lead generation and social media service. Creating Your Space ( Creating Your Space will launch the fifth generation of its website. The new

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