Flooring Specific Software Upgrades in 2016

This year’s surfaces will host a broad range of software companies launching and demonstrating the latest in cloud-based computing, lead generation and social media service.

Creating Your Space (creatingyourspace.com)

Creating Your Space will launch the fifth generation of its website. The new version includes all the previous functions and tools, plus:

  • responsive mobile formatting
  • new database management
  • more than 15 custom lead capture forms
  • new visualization
  • product catalog interfaces.

For lead generation, the company has added website and search re-targeting, added Houzz services to social media, and will also be launching its Review Rocket Program.

Dancik (dancik.com)

Dancik’s DNav-CRM is customizable from user-to-user, integrated and resides on the same database that the core ERP utilizes. Some features include:

  • manage sales campaigns and track sales person close rates
  • optimized for use on any tablet device
  • cloud solution is available
  • bid on commercial jobs and automatically convert winning bids to orders.

FloorForce (floorforce.com)

FloorForce will be launching FloorForce Complete. According to the company, FloorForce complete gives customers:

  • an e-commerce website
  • a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system)
  • social media management
  • directory site management
  • reviews and reputation

QFloors (qfloors.com)

QFloors will be unveiling QPro POS Plus, its next generation of broswer-based, cloud computing software. QPro POS Plus manages customer invoices and proposals, job costing, commissions, waiver bills, sales tax and reporting, purchase orders and full inventory management features.

RFMS (rfms.com)

RFMS will have three products at the show. Its Meaure Mobile3(MM3) is able to calculate flooring usage on a mobile device, free to the world MM3 also syncs up with desktop version of its flagship estimating product, Measure.
Mobile Order Entry (MOE) allows a sales person to create an order or a quote from anywhere on a mobile device, which also syncs back to the RFMS Business Management databases.
Installer Pro Mobile allows an installer or a crew to access installation project data such as the customer name and address or a map. The installer can also view the material and labor quantities, clock in and out and, for visual documentation, send pictures and notes back to the RFMS Business Management databases.

Source: http://www.floorcoveringweekly.com/Main/Articles/Flooring_specific_software_upgrades_in_2016_5869.aspx

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Flooring Specific Software Upgrades in 2016
This year's surfaces will host a broad range of software companies launching and demonstrating the latest flooring software.
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