• 3718CW
    Caramel Walnut

    vinyl planking (Caramel Walnut) brings positive energies into your home. Harmony and unity allow you to become one with yourself!

  • 3726AW
    American Walnut

    American Walnut (plank vinyl flooring) brings serenity, tranquility, and a cozy vibe to any room. American Walnut is a consumer’s smart choice for any home renovation needs.

  • 3727KJ
    Kajal Oak

    Kajal Oak (vinyl floor planks) makes you feel at ease and comfortable so that you can enjoy every day in your own personal getaway: your home.

  • 3708N
    Natural Red Oak

    Natural Red Oak (vinyl flooring planks) brings warmth and charm to your home. It has a natural and exquisite beauty that lights up any room.