• 202N
    Brazilian Cherry (JATOBA)

    The unique styling and design of Brazilian Cherry (JATOBA) – Natural (Brazilian cherry wood) features a perfect balance of beauty and durability.

  • 218N
    Brazilian Walnut

    Brazilian Walnut – Brown (walnut hardwood flooring) is the most cherished of all hardwoods. Bring refined elegance and luxury into your home with this stylish floor.

  • 203N
    Santos Mahogany

    exotic hardwood flooring (Santos Mahogany – Natural) is a hard, dense, closed-grained wood that has an inherent, traditional warmth.

  • 203TC
    Santos Mahogany

    mahogany flooring (Santos Mahogany – Terra Cotta) features a strong color that gets darker with a finish. It’s hard, moderately difficult to saw, and has a high blunting effect on cutters.

  • 205E
    Brazilian Teak (CUMARU)

    brazilian teak flooring (Brazilian Teak (CUMARU) – Ebony) is durable and resists denting and traffic wear quite well. It’s suitable for any home demand high traffic.

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