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  • Trends in the Flooring Industry: Going Green

    The flooring industry is more diverse than it ever has been. Today, customers have more access to more products at more flexible prices. This makes personalizing your new home easier than ever. However, it’s still important to follow industry trends closely. Chances are you’re going to be selling your home at some point. As such, […]

  • Create an Ultra-Modern Space with Luxury VInyl Plank

    Picture this: A windswept rocky beach in Northern Europe; bare feet striding across wide planks of hand-finished gray walnut flooring. Clean, aesthetic furniture and a Bauhaus sensibility that only seems to exist in glossy IKEA catalogs. Ultra modern and sleak. It’s a beautiful image, and it’s possible. Luxury Vinyl Plank has made it easy for consumers to […]

  • Maintaining Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    FERMA’s Luxury Vinyl Flooring is built with durability in mind. As such, it requires little maintenance when compared with other types of flooring. However, some basic regular maintenance can go a long way in regards to preserving your floors and helping them last. If you follow a few simple best practices, you can dramatically extend […]

  • Advantages to Bamboo Flooring

    When buying a new hardwood floor, people often focus on factors like beauty, performance, and durability. These are worthy considerations, but modern consumers also have a responsibility to consider another factor: environmental sustainability. Consumers should buy flooring products that contribute to a healthy environment. As such, the environmental sustainability of bamboo flooring makes it a […]

  • Luxury Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring – What’s the Difference?

    When it comes to luxury vinyl vs. laminate, what is the difference between the two and which is the best? If you’ve been looking into new flooring for a home improvement project, you probably keep coming across information on laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. Laminate flooring is currently one of the cheapest alternatives to […]

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