Decorating Dark Wood Floors in Your Room

Wooden flooring looks classy, elegant and really inviting. You might get puzzled while choosing the best wooden flooring option for your house. There are a number of factors that you should consider so that you select the apt flooring. Light wood flooring and dark wood flooring both have their short-term and long-term benefits. But in this article, we will focus on the benefit of dark wood floors, and how dark wood floors can fit into your room. Let’s get started by doing a comparison between dark floors and light floors.

Dark Floors vs Light Floors

If we can divide flooring into two categories: dark floors and light floors, then we should first do a rough comparison between dark floors and light floors. Let’s have a quick glance: 

Deeper Look into the Benefit of Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors add a dramatic essence to your home. Despite a few problems, dark floors are still the most preferred. Some of the many benefits of dark hardwood floors are:

  • Fading

As compared to light wood floors, the dark wood floors do not fade. As wood is a photosensitive material, the darkening or lightening of wood is more visible in case of light wood floors. Dark wood floors are less susceptible to color changes.

  • Elegance

Dark wood floors are sophisticated and add a sense of security to the home. The timeless elegance of dark wood floors adds a unique touch to the interior. Also, the look is opulent and classy.

  • Visible Wood Texture

The dark wood floor makes the wood grain visible in a distinctive manner. This helps in highlighting the wood texture. Ebony floors and dark mahogany floors have a great grainy texture. This creates a stunning bold look.

  • The Perfect Backdrop

When it comes to decorating according to the color of flooring, dark wood floors cannot be beaten. Dark wood floors are a perfect setting for bright colored items. You can beautifully match your white colored walls and pastel shades to this kind of flooring. Also, an intimate light goes very well with dark wood floors.

  • Less Prone to Spots

Dark wood floors are more prone to dust, but if designed properly, then dark wood floors can be a blessing for concealing spots and dirt. These floors easily hide dark colored dirt and dark spots. It is easier to clean dark floors without leaving water spots on them.

How to Decorate Dark Wood Floors?

Dark wood flooring is a classic and elegant way to decorate your home. But, with a classic look also comes the responsibility to justify that look with appropriate decor and lighting. Here are some ways to decorate dark wood floors:

  • Lighter Furniture

Light colored furniture and dark colored floors can be the most harmonious setting for a home. If this is teamed with light colored walls, then you can achieve elegance at its best. Beige colored furniture is very popular these days. It looks best in a dark-floored bedroom and complements the cozy vibes of the bedroom.

  • Focus on Your Wall Color

Light colored walls look best with dark wood floors. It is advised to use white, bronze or pearl white walls along with dark colored floors. These walls not only help in maintaining the color balance but also help in maintaining the light flow. A contrast of the light and dark gives your home a sleek and chic look. If the walls are accompanied by the right wall pieces, then it further improves the look.

  • Choose Right Curtains

Curtains add a finishing touch to any home decor. Choosing the right colored curtains is very important. The curtains should complement both the dark wood floors as well as the light-colored walls. Monochromatic curtains are the best choice in these cases. Also, curtains with prints do not go well with the chic look. Plain textured and cool colored curtains go well with dark wood floors. Not only curtains, but you should also pay attention to the color of the curtain rods. The color should match with the curtains and the light-colored walls as well.

  • Taking Help of Nature

Placing some fresh plants inside your living room can do wonders with the overall look of your space. The fresh green color and freshness of plants go very well with dark. colored floors. Not only floors but these plants also add a decorative touch to the walls as well. Placing plants in different areas of your house may enhance the living standard tremendously.

They complement the light-colored walls of your living room and add a welcoming feeling to the room. Plants make your kitchen look fresh, healthy and clean. Eating and cooking amid nature is always a better option. They increase the cozy quotient of your bedroom and also maintain the air freshness. Imagine waking up to a fresh plant every morning!

  • Light Cabinets or Cupboards

Installing light colored cabinets and cupboards on a dark wood floor gives a vintage look to your home. Generally, white colored cabinets are the most preferred with dark wood floors. However, if your installing them in a dust prone area, then it is advised to use beige or grey shades for the cabinets. The color of the cabinet should also match the walls and the location.

  • Selective Use of Mirror

The usage of mirrors makes the place looks larger and brighter. However, using mirrors on a wall which is already plain and has nothing can make space look very huge and empty. Using a mirror over a fireplace or amid some furniture is the best practice recommended.

  • Use Coffee Tables and Open Legged Chairs

If you are decorating a place which has a little space and lots of stuff, then using coffee tables and open legged chairs is the best way to make your room look spacious. The coffee table should be of glass so that it best suits the dark wood floor.

A Few Tricks-Contrast or Balance

Contrasting or balancing is the general design, rather than arranging a few elements. You must take into consideration facts like furniture, decorative items, wall decor and the surroundings and location of the room. Besides, floors, walls, and ceilings are the largest areas in a room and dominate the interior of the look. These are the largest color areas and have an impact on every other tone in the house.

  • Strong Contrast Between Dark and Light

If you are not really a fan of the minimalist look, then you should definitely go for contrast. Maintaining a strong contrast between dark and light can help you make a strong statement. A strong contrast provides a rich and imbibing look to your space. Black colored furniture along with the dark wood floors and light-colored walls is a popular choice these days. You can accompany this setting with vibrant colored decor pieces. These act like fillers in the room.

A contrast setting is perfect for study rooms and libraries. Contrast shades usually represent sincere and opulent vibes. Rather than the welcoming feeling, contrast provides a dominating feeling in the room. Decorating the kitchen in a contrasting way gives it a chic look. You can achieve contrast by decorating the light-colored walls with black or dark colored wall decor. This will also complement the dark colored wood floors.

The most important thing about contrast is that, to make it look good, you have to inculcate proper light in your house. Well-lit rooms with natural light are very important for the contrast look to work.

  • Right Balance Between Dark and Light

If everything in your room is of almost the same tone, then the look will be very boring and monotonous. Establishing a right balance between the dark and light gives a sense of movement across the room. It makes the room livelier and healthier. The tension created by two oppositely colored objects side-by-side in one room makes up for vibrant and exciting vibes. Striking the right balance between the dark and light can be difficult and tricky but not impossible. You can use shades like dark brown and wine red to complement the light-colored walls of your home. If you have dark wood floors, then you can use some dark pieces and some light pieces placed in harmony. This not only looks balanced but also looks interesting.

Using perfectly colored rugs can also help a lot in establishing a balance between the dark and light. In the bedroom area, white sheets, dark bedding, and black furniture make up for the best combination. It establishes an even-keeled look in the room. Also, mixing different kinds of wood tones to complement the dark wood floors can balance the dark and light texture of the room.

The difference between contrast and balance is that contrast is a vivid effect that brings fashionable atmosphere into your room, whereas balance is a relatively soft style that tends to make your room looks comfortable.


While the color and texture have a great impact on the look of the room, the color of walls and furniture alignment is equally important in designing a space. Choosing dark wood floors can limit your options on wall colors and furniture colors. So, plan your floor color accordingly!

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