Election Cycles Impact The Flooring Business

Election Cycles Impact Flooring Business

This is an election year. Besides outcome, the election process will impact retailers’ ability to promote themselves. This process will also influence consumers’ appetite to purchase flooring.

Narrow Advertising Space

The increased volume of advertising from candidates during elections gobbles up available consumer advertising space, so media outlets – particularly in television and radio – are less likely to offer discounted ad packages. Retailers already spend far too little on advertising, but during an election cycle, retailers’ ad budgets buy even less exposure.

Diminishing Consumers’ Appetite

Even though consumer confidence has been strong in recent months, it will likely be shaken during the remainder of the election cycle. Political candidates prey on peoples’ fear, claiming that the sky is falling. However, they and they alone know how to stop it. This is the chicken little rhetoric election candidates usually do. This action may or may not elect them, but it does frighten consumers. As a result, consumers’ confidence routinely wanes as elections draw near. Of all the sectors, this fear will have the most impact on residential replacement, since investments on interior finish improvements are deferred until consumers feel better about the future.

Prepare for the short-term effects

Our elections are a crucial element in our representative form of government. As citizens, our votes are the ultimate expression of American freedom. The outcomes will drive the direction of our great country in the coming years. But as business people, we also must prepare for the short-term effects these elections will have in the coming months.

Election Cycles Impact The Flooring Business
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Election Cycles Impact The Flooring Business
The election cycles impact flooring business. It will influence retailer's ability to promote themselves and consumers' appetite to purchase.
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