Maintenance of FERMA Bamboo Flooring

Is there color variation in Bamboo Flooring?

Color variation is inherent in any natural product. This is part of what makes bamboo so beautiful and unique. UV rays from the sun are typically what causes natural flooring materials to experience color change. So utilizing shades and minimizing the exposure to sun will decrease the amount of color change.  

Likewise, lighter colors will experience less color change so if you are concerned then go with the lighter color spectrum. Bamboos do not typically experience as much color change as other woods. However, keep in mind that the majority of natural products will experience some color change as they age, moving area rugs and exposing them to the same light will help over time to keep them from standing out.

What is strand woven bamboo flooring hardness rating on Janka Scale?

Woven or strand bamboo has many different ratings and all tend to be at 2900 and above, which is extremely durable. This is significant because this new type of bamboo is a much more durable option and thus longer lasting than the traditional bamboo. Consumer reports has a great article on flooring materials and has given woven/stranded bamboo very high ratings due to its hardness factor. This flooring has been an excellent choice for our clients that have heavy wear situations, such as dogs and kids.

Is strand woven bamboo toxic?

Some brands of Strand Woven bamboo flooring maybe toxic. However we are dedicated to providing you the most non-toxic and sustainable flooring protecting your investment and family.

All FERMA’s Bamboo flooring meets the CARB standards, and are FSC, CE certified.  

Will my Bamboo Flooring scratch?

Bamboo floors will ding and scratch just as any other wood floor will. Natural types tend to show dirt and heel marks due to the yellowish color. Cleaning and care should always be considered. Use area rugs in high traffic areas, including kitchens and entry areas.

How to clean Bamboo Flooring?

  • Step 1: Remove dirt and dust: dirt on the floor takes away the shine. Use a fine fiber broom or a dust mop to remove any loose dirt from the floor. Keep the floor dry to ward off areas for dust to collect. Continual traffic on a dirty floor acts like the grit on sandpaper and can put little scratches in the floors finish.
  • Step 2: Mop the floor: A vinegar-water mixture at a 1:4 ratio is a good cleaning agent for your floor. You may also use any hardwood floor cleaner. Use a sponge mop. Do not let the mop get too wet. Dry the floor with a towel immediately. You can harm the wood if too much water sits on the floor.
  • Step 3: Use a cloth to clean up spills: Fill a spray bottle with a vinegar solution, and spray the area before wiping it up or you can very lightly dampen the cloth. Remember to dry the area with a towel immediately.
  • Step 4: Polish away any streaks: drying the floor with a towel helps to polish the floor and remove any marks left from the dampness of the mop or cloth. Take care not to use an oil-based cleaner, which will leave your floor cloudy and streaked.
  • Step 5: Avoid scratching the floor: make sure you lift items and set them down. Put felt or coasters under furniture to keep the pieces from marring the floor when they shit. Keep pets’ nails trimmed. Vacuums with a beater bar should not be used to clean the floor.
  • Step 6: Pay attention to shoes worn on the bamboo floor: shoe marks can leave dirt and scuffs on the wood. Be cautious of heeled shoes. Place rugs or runners down in high-traffic areas to protect the floor from dirt build-up, scratches and scuff marks. Also, place mats or rugs at each doorway to cut down on some of the dirt entering room. Be sure to clean or shake out the rugs regularly.
  • Step 7: Take care of stains quickly and properly: only use a damp cloth and appropriate cleaning solution on the floor. Scrubbing or rubbing the floor aggressively will harm the finish and the wood. Stains that are set in will need to be buffed out and the finish reapplied.
  • Step 8: Take steps to prevent discoloration of your bamboo floor: Hang curtains or blinds over windows to keep prolonged exposure from the sun from fading your bamboo flooring. Window tint can also be applied to windows to limit the sun’s UV rays and to protect bamboo flooring.
  • Step 9: Buff the wood with a buff sander if the floor becomes dull to restore its luster: do not wax the bamboo or use oil cleaners. Further information about bamboo floor care and refinishing can be received from the manufacturer of the floor.


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