Luxury Vinyl Plank to Fit Your Style


Contrary to old-fashioned vinyl floors that were susceptible to damage from heat and water, Luxury Vinyl flooring is resilient to weather changes. The great thing for homeowners is that luxury vinyl plank is available in multiple styles and various themes. So, not only will you have a comfortable and durable floor but also a most impressive design beneath your feet.

Let’s explore the different styles of luxury vinyl planks available in the market:


As the name suggests, the idea behind this style is to portray the current fashion. The key to achieving a contemporary look is by having wooden or stone colored vinyl planks but those which have a sheen of their own. The colors should not be too bright and glaring.


To achieve a traditional look, it’s necessary to imagine what houses in the old days looked like. Wood played a key part in homes of that time. So, it stands to reason that your vinyl flooring should also have the old-fashioned wooden look. This is achieved by choosing darker shades of wood and patterns which appear totally natural. Pair it with classical wooden furniture with intricately carved patterns and you will transport yourself to an earlier era.


When you opt for a luxury vinyl flooring that provides a farmhouse look, then it becomes necessary to have a bit of a rustic element. This can be achieved by having wood-colored vinyl planks but which are neither too dark, as in traditional style, nor too bright, as in contemporary style.

The farmhouse look also requires an overall brightness in the entire room. For this, you can choose furniture and other accouterments of white and green colors and pair them up with floors which are of slightly contrasting shades. A slightly reclaimed further helps in creating a farmhouse ambiance.


The term eclectic implies a collection of diverse objects and styles. This is precisely what the aim of this style is – bringing together objects belonging to different style schemes and arranging them in a manner where the contrast becomes an attractive feature.

This means you have a lot of freedom with the choice of luxury vinyl flooring planks. You can choose any type but it has to belong to a different style pattern than the other objects in the room like furniture and art.

However, eclectic doesn’t mean an erratic collection of designs. Yes, there has to be diversity but it should also be joined together by some kind of uniformity that makes the contrast fall within a scheme and prevent the room from looking disorganized.


 The modernist style avoids unnecessary objects without any particular use in the room. Modernist style brings in various colors which might also be adventurous. This means that you can let your experimental part of the brain have a free rein.

Since there is a vivid mixture of colors, even those which do not have been traditionally considered fit for the floor. Mixing it with simple and unassuming furniture will provide the ambiance that you want from a modern style.


The word ‘coastal’ brings to mind scenes of serene beaches, bright sunshine, fresh air, etc. When you are going for a coastal look in your house or rooms, how do you simulate these elements there? Well by using bright colors and those which make the room resonate with a coastal appeal.

It’s also important to keep the rooms uncluttered and leave a lot of open space as this would let the air flow smoothly. But when it comes to the luxury vinyl flooring, it’s time to opt for those shades of wood that are similar to sand or of similar but lighter hue.

Since brightness is the key component, one has to avoid dark colors. Even white would be a good option. Wooden look is most compatible because rocks, bricks, mortars, and cement are not what you expect to find on a beach.

However, there is one caveat. There is no absolute ban on dark shades for wooden-style flooring. It only has to avoid becoming unnaturally dark. Otherwise, it can very well fit into the overall seaside theme.


Don’t worry, shabby-chic doesn’t mean that you have to make your house actually shabby. It just has to have objects which look recycled or antique. In fact, for all those who love collecting antique wares, this is the look they would most prefer.

This look is different from industrial as the contents of the room have to look old but not worn-out. Instead, they should retain an elegance and grace that is associated with antiques. To achieve this effect, the furniture and other elements in the room can appear antique but what about the floor?

It too has to look aged but not in bad condition. For this style, you can use dark colors and patterns that suggest it has been in use for some time. Old classical styles can also be brought into play but they have to be devoid of the innate sheen which those used in classical or traditional styles do.


Bohemian style denotes two things: rebelling against the common notions and using artistic license. That’s what bohemian style is all about. This is the most colorful style of all the ones we have discussed.

Here, you can choose a plethora of bright colors and mix and mash them to great effect. Another aspect that you will find in this style is a bit of controlled disorganization and lack of formality. The emphasis must be on creating a place which is both comfortable and inviting and does not restrict the visitors to sitting in the most common position.

For the flooring, use of bright colors is most feasible in this style. You can really experiment and even use those colors which are not considered, normally, suitable to the flooring of a house.


You can see how much variety of options one has when he chooses luxury vinyl flooring. When you add this to the many advantages of this kind of flooring like the ease of cleaning and durability along with heat and water resistance, what you get is a perfect product to be used for your flooring.

So, make your house and its rooms stand out with luxury vinyl flooring. Choose the style that fits your personality and tastes. Visitors to your house would be struck by the aesthetics of your house.

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