Luxury Vinyl Plank for Mid-Range Apartment

Flooring is one of the most important features to consider in any apartments. Choosing proper flooring in an apartment is a fine line between making a place appealing and keeping its value while holding up to lots of use and possible abuse. Different types of flooring are best suited for different properties. Today, we discuss mid-range apartment, and more specifically, how luxury vinyl plank can fit into a mid-range apartment.

Define Mid-Range Apartment and High-End House

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3Let’s get started by looking at three pictures. The first two pictures are showing simple, clean and stylish pictures. The third picture is a luxurious house in Short Hill, NJ. This deluxe house is several times more expensive than the apartments in the first two pictures.

  • Mid-range Apartment: it essentially refers to standard homes, which are not located in top class neighborhoods – not great, but usually good and acceptable. The price of the mid-range apartment is usually not crazy. In some cases, the mid-range apartments are auctioned and sold at lower prices compared to their respective standard market prices at that time, which means some mid-range apartments have great ROI opportunities if they are renovated appropriately.
  • High-end House: it attracts the rich, who are particularly fond of superior properties, which they wouldn’t mind paying a premium. Essentially, such properties must be exclusive, pleasantly unique and desirable. The high-end house requires significantly higher capital compared to the mid-range apartment. It’s therefore mostly a reserve for large established firms keen on providing posh properties for the upper class.

Due to the nature of the high-end house, it needs luxurious ornament to match up with its standard. But for a mid-range apartment which might have a lot of turnover and high traffic in most of the areas, durability and usability might be the two primary factors for decoration.

The Interior Design for Mid-Range Apartment

Most people nowadays prefer Mid-Range Apartment, since there are endless choices for interior design for a mid-range apartment. We select several interior design styles and delve deep into these interior design styles.

  • Shaker Style: with clean lines, unadorned forms, and utterly practical applications, shaker style is very relevant in today’s apartment world. The following are two examples of shaker style design: 

45The first picture is a very modern look shaker style design with slender, elongated chairs. The Sahara Desert Oak have brown/yellowish color with beautiful grains, which make them suitable for this shaker style design. The durability of these two types of luxury vinyl plank makes sure they can sustain the slender chairs nicely. The second picture is another shaker style design. It demonstrates a mudroom with peg rail, simple board affixed to the wall with evenly spaced pegs. Natural Hickory and Natural Red Oak can bring warmth and charm to this mudroom, which becomes a welcome addition to such a design.

  • Urban Loft: urban loft is a style used to satisfy a small niche market of dwellers. Urban loft style is a preferred style in cities such as New York City where some people desire to add creativity and enthusiasm into their apartment. The following are two examples of urban loft design:

67The theme of the first urban loft design (picture on the left) is generally determined by “original Martinique wallpaper”. The flooring with simple color can match up nicely with the fun, tropical-looking wall and the custom-made modern high-gloss dressers. Whitewashed Oak from FERMA qualifies the job. In the second design (picture on the right), the color splashes range in the room, from the red-orange custom cabinetry lining to the azure damask wallpaper. Web Grey Oak from FERMA has unique color and texture, which can fill more happiness and joy in this already colorful urban loft design.

  • Farmhouse: farmhouse style can create an interior full of color, texture, and pattern. You can maximize every square inch of the way, although the space in the mid-range apartment might be small.  

89The first picture on the left is absolutely a mixture of colors and patterns: sear grass wallpaper, a Sputnik chandelier, a hanging wicker chair, and open bases on the coffee table. The second picture on the right displays different color and accents: vibrant green mosaic backsplash, bright orange chair’s, high-gloss white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. These two pictures are the great demonstration of Farmhouse style. To match up the positive energies in this style, the warm color and the busy grain of Caramel Walnut is a perfect choice.

  • Shabby Chic: shabby chic grew out of a mashup between Ashwell’s love of cozy flower-bedecked English cottages and her modern lifestyle on the California coast. Today, the idea for shabby chic still exists, and the ideas in these designs may strike your fancy. The following are two examples of Shabby Chic:

1011The first picture is the closest of the ones here to the original shabby chic style. Its aesthetic is spare, which lets its weathered pieces, crystal chandelier, and weathered door headboard stand out. Using the weathered yet beautiful Barn Oak as the flooring will be an excellent addition to this design. The second picture is a white space and turquoise framework. Using bold accent color from American Walnut can enliven the atmosphere immediately.

In general, we try to give you an impression that there are a bunch of beautiful designs for a mid-range apartment. More importantly, you can almost always find out a luxury vinyl plank to match the design!

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