Maintaining Solid Hardwood Flooring

Last week, we wrote about maintaining Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Today, I want to write about maintaining solid hardwood floors. Solid hardwood floors can be incredibly stylish and luxurious. However, they require some basic maintenance to keep them that way.

Similarly to Luxury Vinyl Flooring, hardwood flooring needs to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning helps to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust that can become compacted and cause scratching. Along the same lines, trimming pets’ nails and avoiding spiked shoes goes a long way in terms of preserving hardwood flooring. Overall, gentle and regular vacuuming remains the most effective way to preserve flooring.

Still, however careful we might be, accidents happen. Solid hardwood floors are very sensitive to moisture. This makes it important to clean up spills quickly, in order to avoid having the liquid seep into the wood and warp it. Using a mixture of vinegar and water is a great natural solution that will clean and disinfect your floors.

If items like chewing gum or wax become affixed to the floor, you can use ice to stiffen them. Next, scrape the frozen gum or wax using a credit card to dislodge the item from the floor. Finally, use a gentle cleaner to remove any excess residue left by the gum or wax.

Differences in Maintenance Between Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Solid Hardwood Flooring

One significant difference difference between hardwood maintenance and luxury vinyl maintenance is solid hardwood flooring’s sensitivity to moisture. Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity can cause solid hardwood flooring to expand and contract. This can cause serious warping or even splitting of hardwood floors.

To prevent this, it may be necessary to install a humidifier. By reintroducing moisture into the air during the dry months, you can preserve your hardwood floors for years. The ideal humidity level for solid hardwood flooring is between 35% and 55%. While a humidifier may seem like an expensive investment, it will save you money in the long run.

Finally, another important consideration is solid hardwood’s sensitivity to UV rays. Similar to Luxury Vinyl Flooring, solid hardwood’s exposure to the sun can bleach its color. However, aging is expected and even sought after in solid hardwood. Long-term exposure to sunlight can give solid hardwood floors a patina that connotes luxury and timelessness.209N

Still, it is important that this patina develops evenly. A good way to ensure that your solid hardwood floors age evenly is to redecorate periodically. Adjusting your furniture and rugs exposes new areas of the floor to the sun. This is the best way to make sure your floor’s coloring stays even.
solid_25Hardwood floors are an expensive investment. While regular maintenance can seem like a hassle or an unnecessary additional cost, it is actually the best way to preserve your investment and your floors. At FERMA, we believe that taking care of your floors helps them last. In fact, we’re so confident in our flooring that we offer an incredible warranty. Read about it here. If you have any further questions about maintaining solid hardwood flooring, please contact us here.

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