How to make a Small Space feel much bigger?

The condo is a trend nowadays, and for good reasons. A condo is much smaller than a house. It is easy to manage, and more practical. Many people choose a condo over a house for the following reasons:

  • With a condo, there is no yard to mow. Since you are paying dues to the condominium association, the association takes care of all maintenance required in the surrounding area.
  • A condo is cheaper when compared to a house, so you can save a lot on the mortgage.
  • Condo owners live in close proximity with others which gives a sense of communal living.

Although a condo is compact and cute it can be difficult to arrange in such a way that it doesn’t feel cramped. In this article, we will explore how you can make the small space in your condo more organized, cozy, and intimate and make it feel much bigger than it really is.

Several Tips to make your Small Space in Condo looks bigger

We love the condo, but we also love the feeling of a bigger space. So how can we make the small space in the condo looks bigger?

  • Use Striped Floors

This is for the bold and daring! Change your flooring to a stripped floor. It will make the room look longer than it actually is. For a more striking effect, you should consider using black and white. Apart from having a more spacious feel, it also adds style and elegance to your room.

  • Paint with Light Hues

Dark colors are no doubt design friendly. However, they make a room look smaller. With pale colors like pale grays, pale blues, cream, and white, you can maintain an open and airy feel. Light colors brighten up a room and give a feel of bigger space.

  • Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great ways to make your room look bigger. Of course, you don’t have to go all out for the wall to wall design. You can just settle for an oversize full-length mirror and place it by a major wall in the room. You may also choose to go for a couple of salon style mirrors to craft a statement wall.

  • Ditch Window Treatments

You can do without the dark drapes and just leave your windows bare. This will give your room a feel of depth while revealing the natural scenery outdoor. If you require some privacy in your room, you can just use see-through white drapes. This will produce an airy feel and also keep snooping eyes out of your room.

  • Pick Right Dining Tables

If the living room doubles as the dining room, you have to be careful about your choice of a table. You should choose something that will not take a lot of space. A design with drop leaves or removable leaves will be ideal because it gives you more space to work with.

  • Keep your Floor Visible

A clear floor gives the feel of more space. You can achieve this by choosing TV stands and sofas with legs. This will allow light to flow underneath and gives the room a more open feel. You can also add a glass coffee table to the mix; it will filter light right to the floor.

  • Clever Lighting

The eyes are usually drawn to light and there is a way light plays in the scheme of things. Overhead lights naturally draw attention to the ceiling while a corner standing lamp will highlight the size of the space. You should arrange diverse lighting options around the room. For instance, you can have lamps on the wall, small table lamps and candles as sources of light in the room.

  • TV

If your living room is small, consider a mounted television. This will free up space on the floor. You can also have a floating shelf under the TV to house your DVD players and any television boxes that need to be near the TV.

  • Long Curtain, Higher Ceiling

Even if your windows are not tall, you can still have a long curtain. Hang the curtain close to the ceiling and choose extra long drapes. It will make your ceiling appear higher and gives off a feel of bigger space.

  • Think Big

It is very easy to think that you need small furniture to decorate a small space, but it is quite the opposite. A single major furniture piece, like a statement lounger, will make your space open and feel organized.

Several Room Adjustment Examples for Inspiration

So, we have looked at tips to make your small space look bigger, let us take it a step further and explore room adjustments ideas to inspire your room décor to give a feel of bigger space.

  • Example 1: Shrink your Dining Table

The small round tables are not only for breakfast nooks. Just let go of the big dining table and get a miniature round dining and have some additional space to play with.

  • Example 2: Mount your TV

The media console usually takes up unnecessary space in a small living room. Instead, mount your television above a fireplace or on the wall to regain the much-needed space on your floor.

  • Example 3: Get a Wall Deck

You can have an office space even with the little space you have. How do you achieve this? Just get a mounted wall desk! You can also have mounted shelves above the wall desk for ample storage space. These will take less room and make your room look more spacious.

  • Example 4: Use a Daybed

By adding a daybed in your room, the size of your bedroom will practically double in size. In case you don’t have a dedicated guest room, this might suffice in the living room.

  • Example 5: Create Zones

The first step is to list everything you do in your space; sleep, eat, work, and relax. The next step is to create separate zones for each of these activities. Create the zones with strategically placed chairs and tables, paint, or curtain. This will make your room look more organized and spacious.

  • Example 6: Do Double Duty

You can invest in pieces of furniture that serve multiple functions. For instance, you can get a table that functions as a dining table as well as a desk. You can also consider a deep sofa that can function as a guest bed. You can buy cubes that act as your coffee table and as extra seats when you have guests.

  • Example 7: Trick your Eye

This is the oldest trick in the design book. Make good use of mirrors. They make space feel airier, lighter, and larger.

  • Example 8: Make Every Piece Count

Select pieces of furniture that provide the highest functionality in the least square footage. For instance, instead of using a big coffee table, get small round tables. They make it easier to move around and allow better traffic flow.

  • Example 9: Use Bigger (But Fewer) Furnishings

This probably sounds contradictory but furnishing a small space with a couple of large-scale furniture pieces instead of a mix of pint-sized furniture pieces can make space feel magnificent.

  • Example 10: Go Neutral

Give your room a calm, blended look to make it feel more spacious than it really easy. While you are at it, add slight textures and patterns to keep the space together.

  • Example 11: Customize Storage

Custom-made built-ins, furniture, and storage nooks that are customized for your specific needs will effectively use every available space. When the storage spaces are part of your walls, you have the more valuable square footage to work with.

  • Example 12: Create a Jewel Box

Turn your small space into a jewel box! Use unique light fixture and statement wallpaper to dress up your cozy space.

  • Example 13: Think Vertical

Utilize the underutilized space between the room’s ceiling and the top of furniture with high mounted components or hanging. You can have your cabinets and bookcases all the way up. This will make your room look higher.

  • Example 14: Add Glass

Be creative; tear down the walls, swap solid doors or enlarge windows for glass. This will open up the scenery and join adjoining spaces.

  • Example 15: Edit Yourself

You really do not need to have everything on display. The less the better; because there is nothing that makes a room look smaller like clutter.


There you have all the ideas that can turn your small room into a more spacious space. Try some of the tips and watch your room become an elegant and roomy space.

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