What are the applications for FERMA Flooring’s Luxury Vinyl?

Is Luxury Vinyl plank durable?

Luxury Vinyl Plank from Ferma Flooring is durable and great for areas of your home that carry high traffic. The floors will last for years without any problems, while wear and tear can wreak havoc on other flooring such as hardwood or carpet.

Is luxury vinyl plank a good solution for my basement if I have water issues?

Water is the biggest enemy of finished basements. The tiniest amount of moisture seeping in can create major mold or mildew problems. If this happens frequently, it could cost thousands of dollars in damage to your newly finished basement. 

Luxury Vinyl plank from Ferma Flooring will not be ruined if the basement floods. Luxury Vinyl plank is incredibly durable and will usually survive any flood, especially if it’s adhered to the floor with a waterproof adhesive (as most are).

Luxury Vinyl plank are not attached to the floor below, and can be removed, dried, then put back in place if necessary.

Is there any way to make Luxury vinyl plank warmer on a basement floor?

When you place items on top of the floor they can trap radiant floor heat, which can make the area much warmer than the surrounding areas. Besides, sub-floors come into play when you want to make your basement a warm.

Is Luxury Vinyl plank a good product for rent properties?

Three things are very important when choosing the best type of flooring for your properties. They are the value of the property, location of the property, and benefits of updating flooring.

  • The value of the property: if you are going for high-end properties, then the hardwood and carpet can be a good choice. If you are going for mid-range properties, then luxury vinyl and laminate can be a good choice.
  • Location of the property: the geographic in which your property is located will have a big role on deciding what the best type of flooring to use is. In the area with a lot of humidity, the luxury vinyl plank is preferred over hardwood or carpet.
  • The benefit of updating flooring: changing the flooring has a drastic impact on the appearance of a room. Luxury Vinyl plank is easy to change and easy to maintain.

In general, if your rent properties are mid-range valued property in an area with a lot of humidity, and if you need to update flooring frequently, then luxury vinyl plank could be a good choice.

Can we put luxury vinyl plank in bathrooms or kitchens?

  • Bathroom: the bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in a home. Bathroom usually has very high traffic. According to one survey, women spend about 90 minutes a day in a bathroom getting ready for the day, and men spend about 11 minutes. It is also very important that your bathroom hold up to moisture. Considering these features in the bathroom, luxury vinyl plank could be a very good choice.
  • Kitchen: For an active kitchen, it’s easy to get mixed results from the effects of frequent walking, spilled food, dragged and dropped objects, and sunlight. Luxury vinyl come in a variety of wood looks and offer better resistance to these results.

What type of mat can I place my luxury vinyl plank?

Yes, however, it is best to check with the rug/mat manufacturer to provide you with information as to whether their products will stain luxury vinyl plank.

Is Luxury Vinyl plank waterproof?

Yes, the luxury vinyl plank at Ferma Flooring is definitely waterproof.

Is Luxury Vinyl plank a stable flooring material?

Yes, Ferma Flooring luxury vinyl plank includes UV coating, wear layer, decor film, PVC sheet, WPC core, and padding. For more information, please see:




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